Cola Lacaye Banana Soda a carbonated

soft drink that is bubbly with banana! Crisp, tasty, and full of flavor, this soda is a must try for variety. The yellow soda in Cola Lacaye Banana Soda is formed of carbonated water, which gives it its effervescence fizz and cool tingle. Here the Pffsss when you twist the lid off to ensure that it is fresh and full of flavor, not flat like some regular colas can do. Cola Lacaye Banana Soda also contains sugars and/or sweeteners, as well as artificial flavor and color, and citric acid. Cola Lacaye Banana Soda is low in calories and contains zero trans fats. Cola Lacaye Banana Soda was originally invented in Haiti back in 1977 and has since become extremely popular all over the Americas. It combines the great taste of banana with the fun bubble of soda to form a unique and tasty treat! Cola Lacaye Banana Soda is easily identifiable by its unique yellow coloring. It shines like the sun on the grocery shelf and features a sideways banana on its label looking like its smiling at you. Cola Lacaye is great chilled or served over ice and comes in a convenient two liter size that is great for taking to parties or to the beach or for large family gatherings! Try something today, try Cola Lacaye Banana Soda! Also makes for a great float when served with ice cream.

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Cola Lacaye Banana Soda 2 Lt

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cola lacaye banana soda 2 lt



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