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world s best, and probably THE best, black white film! Kodak T-Max 400 has recently been re-formulated by Kodak as the world s finest grain, and sharpest, 400 speed black and white film. We tested this film recently, and it is without question an astonishing black and white film! Truly astonishing, especially in 35mm where some customers have had difficulty believing the 8x10" print we show them really did come from a 400ASA 35mm black and white film! Grain is absolutely to a minimum, as promised by Kodak. A recent Kodak study found that 55% of photographers who shoot black-and-white prefer using film for their black and white work. It was therefore interesting to note that at PMA 2008 Kodak announced their first traditional black-and-white film improvement in about 20 years. Their T-Max 400 black-and-white film has a level of sharpness and grain size comparable to what most people expect from ISO 100 films. The RMS (root mean square - a grain size measure) of the emulsion is 10, compared to an RMS of 11 for the previous T-Max 400 emulsion. For reference, Kodak T-Max 100, their finest-grained 100-speed black-and-white film, has an RMS of 8. Special pack of 10 rolls.

Kodak TMax Pro 135-36, ISO 400 black & white film. 10 rolls per pack

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kodak tmax pro 135 36 iso 400 black white film 10 rolls per pack



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