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Rollei Blackbird 135-36 ISO 25/100 Creative edition 35mm film. 8 rolls per pack
# 1313998

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retrostuff999 is not available for Chat
Hello and a very warm welcome to retrostuff999!
We are based in the delightful and quaint city of London, England -- the land of ancient history, castles, and Kings and Queens!
Our experience of using film cameras and general photographic expertise goes back more than 25 years. Aside of selling film cameras and equipment, our advice is FREE--just email us and expect an answer within 12 hours! Also read our interesting blog on filmcamera999.wordpress
All our equipment, if not new, is fully tested and ready to use, except where stated.
We want you to enjoy your experience with us and our cameras, so grab something hot to drink, go relax in your favourite chair and browse our store -- we are sure you will find something unique!

Now for the first time at Atomic Mall, we offer you this unique 35mm film!

Rollei Blackbird is part of the Rollei Creative Edition portfolio of films.

This film is just fantastic if you want the maximum 'oomph' from your monochrome images. Extremely fine grain, high sharpness and high contrast.

By this we mean high contrast, fine grain and maximum sharpness. These 3 criteria are the 'Holy Trinity' of black and white film.

The way we recommend you achieve it is to rate the film at 25 ISO and develop with a High Contrast Developer like Rollei RHS or other developer.

You will not believe the images you get!

Rate at ISO 100 and develop in normal film developer like Ilfosol and you'll get results similar to FP4 film.

Specification of the film is ISO 25/15 / ISO 100/21

Process 100/21 D76 20 stock 10 min
Process 25/25 D76 20 stock 6 min
Process 100/21 RHS 20 1+7 10 min
Process 25/25 RHS 20 1+7 6 min

So go ahead and let your creative genius take flight! Results from this film have got to be seen to be believed!


Manufacturer: Rollei


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