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set! From the world famous Hornby company, this train set comes to you complete and ready to run. A little about it: Before the development of the British Motorway system millions of letters were shipped by train. Many of these mail trains moved at night and included a TPO (travelling post office) coach in which bags of letters and small parcels were collected, sorted and then dropped off in bags at the relevant stations along the route. This set not only includes an eye catching 0-6-0 steam loco but also a TPO and support brake coach. The net projects from the coach to scoop the mailbag from the trackside pick up hook. The bag is the automatically ejected into the trackside receiving bin at the place of delivery. Set also includes: Midimat 1600 x 1270mm Oval of 3rd radius track Track pack A - creating a siding. Wall transformer and power controller. And at our price, this is an ideal opportunity to buy it for someone as an Xmas gift or even for yourself!

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Hornby NEW LMS Night Mail R1144 Complete train set

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hornby lms night mail r1144 complete train set



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