SORCERESS 1982 Directed by Jack Hill

l Starring Leigh Harris, Lynette Harris, Bob Nelson, David Millbern, Bruno Rey, Ana De Sade, Roberto Ballesteros, and Douglea Sanders Traigon, a despotic ruler and devotee of the Black Arts, makes a pact with the powers of darkness that he will sacrifice his firstborn in order to gain the highest degree of supernatural power. When his wife gives birth to twins, she refuses to reveal which is the firstborn and hands the girls over to the warrior Krona who promises to raise them as great soldiers. Twenty years later, Traigon returns and sends his warriors through his empire to find the twins. But the twins have been in good hands and have been given the special powers to call on the forces of light to aid them in battle. With their father hell bent on becoming Master of the World, it is up to the magical twins and their newly found friends to use the forces of light against the powers of darkness. Director Jack Hill (Foxy Brown, Coffy) makes sure the film never takes itself at all seriously and chocks it full of tongue-in-cheek moments and double entendres. With its gratuitous nudity, hilarious dialogue, abundant special effects, and a thrilling score from future Oscar-winning A-list composer James "Titanic" Horner, this a fine piece of entertaining schlock. English audio soundtrack, no additional subtitles. DVD is NTSC format, Region 0 (region free) and playable world wide. Be sure to visit our webisite at for more rare and hard-to-find DVDs and movie memorabilia. If you purchase 3 DVDs at the regular BUY IT NOW price of $14.99, you can pick an additional 4th DVD for . After purchasing the 3 DVDs, just email us with the name of the 4th title you would like. Please stop by our site and look around. Any questions or comments? contact us direct at revok

SORCERESS (DVD) twin sisters star in hilarious sword and sandal schlock

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sorceress dvd twin sisters star hilarious sword sandal schlock



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