n Black, Yellow This sale is for the Yellow Bag Three compartments. Padded area for a laptop. Solar panels are removable for remote use. Water resistant. Reinforced Bottom. TECHNOLOGY :: Solar Power | Recycled Fabrics | Construction ThinFilm Solar PowerThe revolutionary thin and flexible solar charging system that charges all your iPods, Cell Phones, GPS, Cameras, etc. It s as easy as charging your phone in the car! Recycled FabricsES Series Bags feature fabrics that are made from recycled soda bottles. As rugged as normal nylon, but soft to the touch. Each bag keeps up to 8 soda bottles out of the landfill! Made in the USA. As we try and figure out our Carbon Footprint, making this bag in Texas seemed to make sense. Plus we are big fans of localized production. Editor note: Works in sunlight to run devices or charge device batteries with car charger adaptor. In shade, the solar panels are inactive. FULL SPECIFICATIONS :: Bag Dimensions:: Size: 13.5 wide x 16.5 high x 8.5 deep 34 x 42 x 29cm Volume: 31L/1,893 cu. in. Weight: 3.5 lbs/1.5 kilos Power Rating Specifications: Power 6.3 Watts Voltage, 16.6 Volts* Current, 0.325 Amps Solar Panel Weight 0.45 lb. Solar Panel Size 12 x 12 x 0.1 inches FEATURES :: Flexible, high-efficiency, water proof solar panel for generating on-site electricity anywhere there s sunshine ES Series Juice Bags fabric is made from recycled 2-liter soda bottles. Each bag keeps up to 8 soda bottles out of the landfill! All seams are stitched to military specifications for extra strength and durability. Easily connect your cell phone, iPod, GPS or other 12 volt unit using your item s car charger adapter Each Juice Bag comes with a universal CLA/Car Charger Female Socket. Large main storage area. Internal pockets include two internal gadget pockets, and a large mesh pocket for all your wire/accessory storage. Secondary independent compartment for laptop storage. Two large external side pockets that double easliy as water bottle storage. Hide away waist strap. On Tue Jul 08 16:06:42 PDT 2003, seller added the following information: andale andalegallery Click button to see all of my Atomic Mall items. Try the all-New Andale Gallery. Now with Smart Features . stwflbp APPROXIMATE CHARGING TIMES** (IN FULL SUNLIGHT) Specifications** Single Juice Bags Product 2 Juice Bags Connected Cell Phone Runs or Charges in 2-4 hrs. (depends on CLA) MP3 Player Runs or Charges in 2-4 hrs. Charges in 1-3 hrs. PDA Charges in 2-4 hrs. Charges in 1-3 hrs. GPS Internal battery 2-4/ rechargeable 1-2 Charges in 1-3 hrs. Portable Video Game Runs or Charges in 2-4 hrs. Charges in 1-3 hrs. Digital Camera Charges in 2-4 hrs. Charges in 1-3 hrs. Digital Camcorder Charges in 2-4 hrs. Charges in 1-3 hrs. Some Portable DVD Charges in 2-4 hrs. Charges in 1-3 hrs. 4 AAA Ni-M-H Batteries* Charges in 1-2 hrs. Charges in 1-2 hrs. 4 AA Ni-M-H Batteries* Charges in 4-6 hrs. Charges in 2-3 hrs. * Ni-M-H Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries. Energizer makes a 4 battery charger that includes a CLA adapter that will attach to your Juice Bags product. Ideal for digital cameras that use AA batteries. ** Note: Charge times are average based on testing of several off-the-shelf portable electronics. Some portable electronics require a higher current and may not charge with a single bag. On Feb-12-08 at 09:44:47 PST, seller added the following information: Babel Fish Translation

ES100 Solar Backpack - Yellow

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es100 solar backpack yellow



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