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Joined: 04-19-2018
Location:  Upland CA
Status:  Titanium
Items:  175

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Exhausted from constantly replacing broken/prematurely worn equipment that claimed to be the best? Finally realizing that there is only 1 Company on the market that has the durable utility & accelerated function to meet the extreme motor enthusiasts' needs? SDT combines performance & durability to meet the rigorous demands of professional drivers as well as the extreme adventurists, for whom SDT was founded. Upgrade from inferior parts to Superior, Dependable, and Trustworthy Components. Accelerate beyond the competition with components engineered with the endurance of champions in mind. Unleash your vehicles full potential with components that execute consistently, on demand, so you have more time on the track & less time on your back.


Joined: 06-04-2008
Location:  Yakima WA
Status:  Titanium
Items:  697

Last 5 Feedbacks:

Welcome I sell mainly RV parts, door, windows,awnings, etc as I have retired from repairing motor homes with a huge shop full of 100's of parts and pieces I would like to offer others. Some items are one of a kind while we may have multiples of others please feel free to get a great deal.


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