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Bitcoin Payments at Atomic Mall    Bitcoin integration & setup

Adding Bitcoin payments to your Atomic Mall store is a straightforward process which will enable approved sellers to begin accepting Bitcoin payments with a minimum amount of effort. Once installed, your buyers will be able to purchase from your store using the world's first purely digital, decentralized currency. Best of all, the transaction fee is only 1%, with NO base fees or minimums, and you can "cash out" at the end of each business day by converting any received Bitcoins into cash.

To upgrade your account to begin accepting Bitcoin Payments, your store first needs to be approved by our Merchant Services team. Bitcoin is a brand new form of ecommerce payment, and carries with it some unique features such as the abolishment of chargebacks. Because of this, Atomic Mall carefully screens applicants for an established history of trustworthiness and impeccable customer care. Sellers not meeting this "trust" threshold cannot enable Bitcoin payments for their store.

Ready to get started?

Begin by submitting your application for Bitcoin approval. You can typically expect a response from us within 12 hours.


Once approved, navigate to Bitpay.com and create an account.


After you have successfully registered your Bitpay merchant account, find your API Key by clicking API from the top menu, then API Access Keys


Select your API Key from the top box and copy it to your clipboard (CTRL-C)


Navigate to your Atomic Mall Account page and select Payment Methods > Add/Update from the Toolbox


Paste your API Key into the corresponding text box for Bitcoin and click Enable

When you've completed all the steps outlined here, your Atomic Mall store will be ready to start taking Bitcoin payments. When entering your API keys remember to copy and paste (CTRL-C) + (CTRL-V) the text to avoid any errors. Also be sure to do the same when entering your Bitcoin wallet address and/or banking info at Bitpay.com.

Good luck and happy selling!

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