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Credit card Payments at Atomic Mall    Credit card integration & setup

Installing credit card payments into your Atomic Mall account has been simplified as much as is practically possible, to help you get up and running with a minimum amount of effort. Once installed, your buyers will be able to purchase from your store using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover, regardless of whether they have accounts at any of the electronic payment services like Paypal or Google Checkout.

To upgrade your Seller account to accept credit card payments you will need an active merchant account at Authorize.net, the world leader in online credit card payment processing. To apply for an account, visit their Merchant Solutions page:


You may also register through an Authorize.net reseller. Many times these companies will offer signup discounts and other incentives which may reduce your startup costs vs. registering directly through Authorize.net. A list of these resellers can also be found on this page.


After your account is activated, navigate to the Authorize.net Account Page and login to your account.


Once logged in, click the Account link in the right corner of the navbar.


From the Security Settings section, click API Login ID and Transaction Key


You should now be on a secure page which shows your API login ID and a section below it for the purpose of creating a new Transaction Key. First copy the API Login ID into your clipboard or write it down, being careful to copy it exactly as shown. Next, you'll need your Transaction Key. For security purposes, Authorize.net will create a new Transaction Key for you each time you submit a request. Enter the answer to your security question and click Submit to generate a new key. The "Disable Old Key" box can be checked or unchecked.


This page will show your new Transaction Key. As with the Login ID, copy it into your clipboard or write it down for later use. NOTE: Both keys are case-sENsItivE, so accuracy is a must!


Once you have both keys, return to your Atomic Mall Account page, and click "Add/Update" from the Store Settings > Payment Methods section. On the next secure page, enter both keys into the corresponding boxes next to the Visa/Mastercard logo and click Enable. Then simply follow the prompts to enter your Authorize.net account details and click Enter to initiate the process.

After we've received and approved your application, your Atomic Mall store will be ready to start taking credit card payments! Please note that all payments will be credited directly to your bank account as listed in your Authorize.net account settings. Credit card payments will not pass through Atomic Mall. When entering your keys, remember that the shorter (Login) Key goes into the first box, and the longer (Transaction) Key goes into the second box.

Good luck and happy selling!

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